Our ingredients are simple: High quality grains, carefully selected yeast, pure Montana water, and a good dose of heart and soul. Sometimes we use wild Montana honey or native berries and botanicals.

Clean, simple, perfect.

Robin grew up on a wheat farm near Toston, Montana, and Willie hails from Western North Carolina, in the heart of Appalachian moonshining country. Together, they searched for the perfect place to craft their spirits and settled on Ennis. They figured a more perfect place doesn’t exist. They wanted to live in a place most people only dream of – somewhere with pure, cold well water, a swiftly running fly-fishing stream, and surrounding majestic mountain ranges.

Robin & Willie Blazer are the owners and founders of Willie’s Distillery, Inc.

We use a copper pot still made specially for us by
Bavarian Holstein Stills from Germany.

We knew we wanted to make whiskies and brandies, and a few specialty spirits, so we sought out one of the finest small batch stills in the world. Our still is handcrafted out of copper, and hand-hammered to create more surface area to react with our spirits vapors. Since we specialize in whiskey which has a lot of flavor to it, copper was an important element to the design, as it reacts with unpleasant tasting compounds, allowing the better flavor to shine through.

Montanas Premier Distillery

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